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If you're looking for modern distribution space for reasonable leasing rates, give us a call or fill out our contact form today. We'll be glad to find the perfect distribution property that meets the unique needs of your business.

Kasun Development Corp was founded in 1979 as a 3rd party warehousing company known as Lancaster Warehouse, Inc. In 1999 we changed our name to Kasun Development Corporation to reflect a change in emphasis away from warehousing services and into industrial development.

From 1985-2002 we developed over 1,000,000 square ft. of modern distribution space all located in Lancaster, PA and we worked with a variety of distribution companies including:

Kelloggs, QVC Network, Firestone Building Products, R.R. Donnelly, Proficient Food Company, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Nissin Food Company, Lancaster Newspapers, Childcraft Education Corp, Integrated Logistics, US Postal Service, NYNEX, Turkey Hill Dairies, Acme Markets, Pepperidge Farms, Sears Roebuck, Southern Container, Dana Corporation, Glidden Paints, Playschool.

Active Officers:
Lee KasunVice President & General Manager
Donald KasunPresident

Kasun Development Corp's is continually focused on obtaining the best distribution space for large industrial companies and providing that space at reasonable leasing rates. Call us today or fill out our contact form for more information on how we can help your company find the space you need.

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